Honorable Oberstar

The Hon. James L. Oberstar

Doug and I drove to Superior, Wis., Monday afternoon to stay with Phoebe and Dave prior to an early appointment with the orthopedic center Dr. Rother who did Doug’s hip replacement in March. It was two-month checkup time.

Monday night Doug and I treated our hosts to a wonderful meal at the Palace of India in Duluth. I had scallops masala and the others had various curry-type dishes. On the way to the restaruant, we saw a big ship docked right behind the DECC. So after supper we checked it out. I was an 806-foot long ore ship so newly painted in iron ore red that the paint still smelled. The ship was christened Tuesday as the Hon. James L. Oberstar in honor of the former Congressman. Oberstar’s wife, Jean, after a practice swing, smashed a bottle of champagne against the shiny hull.

According to MinnPost.com, Interlake Steamship Co. had planned to name the ship after Oberstar in 2007, but he declined saying it would be inappropriate while he was still in office. He expected to be in office longer than his 19 terms, but Chip Cravaack beat him in the last election.

Before the ship was renamed for Oberstar, it was the Charles M. Beeghly, and before that, the Shenango II. It first went into service in 1959.

The Oberstar carries 31,000 tons of ore and stops in Duluth, Two Harbors, Silver Bay and Marquette before heading to steel mills in Detroit and Chicago.

We were surprised, though, at the registry of convenience, Wilmington, Del. DAve said a lot of the Great Lakes ships register out of that eastern city, so Delaware must offer some perks.

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