Thanksgiving chicken

Dpug and I had a pleasant, quiet Thanksgiving. No guests, but I spent the forenoon and part of the afternoon serving in various capacities at the Community Holiday Meal at Evangelical Covanent Church. There were rumblings last summer that the traditional community meal started 32 years ago might fade away as the charter committee members retired. I knew I was going to retire from the Pioneer in October, so I volunteered to join the committee. Everything worked out fine. With 230 or so meals delivered to shut-ins and a steady stream of guests at the church hall, more than 500 people enjoyed turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce and a veg.

When I cam home, I started our Thanksgiving. We didn’t have turkey, but my mother’s neighbor in Clarkson, Neb. raises homegrown chickens and lets some get big. Our bird was 7 1/2 pounds. We finished its final incarnation as chicken-vegetable-noodle soup Tuesday evening. I used the dressing recipe Anne Welch made for the community dinner: stale bread, cooked wild rice, onions, celeery, stock and butter. It was good. A nice day.

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Molly Miron is a retired newspaper editor and acreage manager.
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