They’re laying


On May 4, our day-old chicks came home from Kelly Larson’s incubator. They were little fluffballs of various colors (4 breeds). They graduated from a home in the cellar in a storage bin under a heat lamp to a makeshift pen, also under a heat lamp. Eventually they feathered and were ready for the chicken house Doug built for me.
He also built the pullet palace, four nesting boxes. Kelly suggested putting golf balls in the boxes to give the pullets a clue as to where they should lay their eggs. The gang regularly kicks the golf balls out of the boxes, playing soccer, maybe, and I regularly put the balls back in. Now the girls are starting to lay cute little pullet eggs, but so far they’ve put the in the pine shavings on the floor in little depressions they have dug.
Anyway, we had sunny side up eggs for breakfast with caraway rye toast. Very good.

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Molly Miron is a retired newspaper editor and acreage manager.
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One Response to They’re laying

  1. Evan Hazard says:

    Good article on Harold Fruetel in the Pioneer. Neat post on the pullet eggs, but it’s cruel to include that photo for those of us on low fat diets. Cheers, Evan