Winter’s end

We moved to Pinesol in the spring of 2000. That summer, Doug built a barn, aka run-in, aka horse hovel, on the foundations of an old 10-or-so-cow stanchion barn. The late Lowell Pierce helped him with the roof.
Well, this has been a snowy winter, probably what we’d call normal. But the last big wet snows collapsed the roof on the barn and the floor is awash with icy water.
I noticed from an upstairs house window that the roofline was strange. So I went out to check. Yep, collapsed. Luckily, the section over the hay store is intact, so the last bales of hay aren’t spoiled. Shortage of hay is another topic.

The roof will have to be repaired, but this time, I think we’ll hire a carpenter..

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Molly Miron is a retired newspaper editor and acreage manager.
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One Response to Winter’s end

  1. patt rall says:

    Glancing out of our windows, all we can see is snow, snow and more snow! thanks for the sure sign of spring–falling down gutters, mud, mud and more mud–but I really enjoyed your posting. See you soon, I hope!