Home improvements

After Shannon Lance and crew repaired the barn roof, we began looking at the house roof. Pretty shabby. No wonder we had little leaks in the spring. We also knew the insulation wasn’t much good. The house stays cozy in winter because Doug keeps the wood furnace stoked. But ice dams always build up and the upstairs is often too hot in summer.

So, we decided to spend the money and get a new roof, have insulation blown in and seamless gutters installed. The efficient crew made short work of scraping old shingles off, replacing some rotten boards and reshingling. We opted for a pale gray color (the roof had dark brown shingles previously) to match the barn. How up town – barn and house in coordinated colors. Shannon said there was only an inch of insulation above the upstairs ceiling and it was antique – not in a good way. He also found a souvenir of some long-ago roof repair, a flattened Folger’s coffee can nailed down. The copyright on the can is 1946.

Home improvements are satisfying.

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Molly Miron is a retired newspaper editor and acreage manager.
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  1. Evan Hazard says:

    Neat blog.

    When we added on to our Upper Calihan house in the late ’60s, we found that a cold wall at the west end of our old dining nook had only folded up cardboard cartons for insulation. They were unused Lend-Lease dehydrated food cartons from WWII.