Appliance swap

In 1972, Doug and I moved from a suburb of Frederickton, New Brunswick, Canada, where he worked for the University as a technician in the artificial hands and arms lab, to a country place – 100 acres of pasture and woods north of Stanley and south of the Miramachi River. The settlement was called Maple Grove, although it was just a series of farms, the last ones on the lane unelectrified. Our place had electricity, though, and we decided we needed a freezer for garden preservation and meat.
We bought a 32-cubic-foot Gibson deep freeze for $250. (The land, substanard house and two barns – one falling down – cost $4,000 cash.) We have moved that freezer at least five times, including a winter stint unplugged in a South Dakota friend’s granery. For 41 years, it has chugged along faithfully keeping contents at 10 below zero. This summer, I froze 30 meals of green and yellow beans when they were at their peak. Last month, I open the freezer to pop in the packages of processed broccoli. The thermometer read 60 degrees and the beans smelled like compost. All lost. Lucky for us, our winter meat supply is in a newer freezer in the cellar.
We went to Sears in Belmidji and took advantage of their Labor Day sale and bought a new 25-cubic-foot freezer. We also had a garage fridge that needed to be held shut with bungee cords. We decided to replace that, too. So, Sears delivery/installation guys John and Steven arrived with the new appliances. The newer old fridge went into the garage and the new fridge replaced it in the kitchen. The old freezer, body rot and all, went to recycle, as did the oldest fridge. The new freezer cost in 2013 U.S. dollars just double what we paid in Canadian bucks 41 years ago.

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Molly Miron is a retired newspaper editor and acreage manager.
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4 Responses to Appliance swap

  1. Evan Hazard says:

    Neat. Our old, large chest freezer went with the old house [in the basement] when we moved here in ’05. We bought a new large upright, which sits in the minimally heated attached garage. Uprights are less efficient but handier, and more than half of the year it wastes no electricity because it helps heat the garage. The laptop I’m writing on now serves the same function, but in my office, not the garage.

  2. Bemidjieditor says:

    Neat, I didn’t know you had some New Brunswick in your background. My father lived in Florenceville-Bristol for a time while he worked for McCains. Visited several times and flew in through Frederickton.

    • mollymiron says:

      Yes, we lived in Fredericton for a while, then moved out to the country. Our daughter was born in an army hospital south of Fredericton before the Burton Bridge was built. I had to drive myself for checkups and, later, in labor across the St. John’s River on a self-prpelled two-car ferry. (The ferry wound itself across on a cable when the person needing service pressed a button.) It was slow. McCains is a big employer.

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