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Molly Miron is a retired newspaper editor and acreage manager.

Stillday’s bear

Since I started work at the Pioneer newspaper in 2000, I have traveled to the Red Lake Nation many times. A couple of times I have seen bears in the distance. Last week I drove up to Ponemah to pay … Continue reading

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Sacred journey to Dakota holy sites

Rev. Jim Bear Jacobs sings a Dakota morninng song at the Dakota graveyard on Pilot’s Knob Thirty-nine people, mostly from southern Minnesota, but four of us from Bemidji, traveled to the Twin Cities May 10 for a spiritual tour of … Continue reading

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One memory of Doug Peterson

Doug Peterson died last week and was laid to rest on Monday. I shared with a few people a fond, funny memory I have of him when he was mayor and I was covering Bemidji City Council as a reporter … Continue reading

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Spring cleaning

Today, April 23, Doug and I cleaned out the chicken house – I shoveled and Doug wheeled the litter to the current compost pile in six cartloads. First, I lured the chickens out with cut up chunks of withered winter … Continue reading

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Beilieve in spring

Although the snowdrift on the driveway garden is still about 4 feet tall, look closely and you can see a tiny rhubarb leaf inching out of a plant breaking dormancy. The snow drift developed as we snowblew and neighbors plowed … Continue reading

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Family circuit

A A trip to the south is a good way to shorten winter for us northern Minnesotans. Doug and I took off the first couple of weeks of February, but not to Arizona or Texas. We started the trip with … Continue reading


Pete Seeger

During the summer of 1963, I had a job in Little Compton, Rhode Island as nanny to four children 10 and younger and housekeeper for a rich family, heirs to the Brooks Brothers men’s clothing franchise. (They owned a big … Continue reading


Polar Vortex

Maritime Canada map The extreme cold this winter makes morning, afternoon and evening dog walks not eagerly anticipated, except by the dog. But we bundle up and put on the Mad Bomber helmet. (It’s lined with rabbit fur and smells … Continue reading

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Extended Christmas

In reverse order: Dave grooms the trail Phoebe makes turkey dressing Henry tries his first skis Spirit and Dave skijoring Adelaide on her first skis Auntie Phoebe and Adelaide the Munchkin on the opening nihjt of “The Wizard of Oz” … Continue reading

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No time for TV

We haven’t owned a television since we moved to Minnesota in 2000. However, we used to watch football and Masterpiece Theatre on a 26-inch 30-year-old computer monitor hooked up a an FM tuner and Hifi speaker attached to a length … Continue reading

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