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Locks of Love

Hair I gave up on stylish hair when I went o college. I had tried perms and stuff to look like the popular girls in high school, and the styles┬ánever lasted. I remember having my hair bee-hived for prom. Awful. … Continue reading

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Eat like a dog

Spirit has always been a finicky eater. Unlike chubby previous pet, Taffy the Yellow Labrador Retriever, Spirit usually fails to finish the food put before her. She also never begs, nor does she lick plates, a custom we called prewash. … Continue reading

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Labor Day weekend

During the Labor Day weekend, we drove the van, pulling the Scamp, to Decorah to meet Joel, Aimee, Adelaide and Henry at Seed Savers, a cache of heritage seeds started in the 1970s by the Whealy family. Seed Savers held … Continue reading

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Pullet Palace

First two chicken coop walls are up. Then four walls. The chickens are enjoying their space. Of course, the chicks are not all pullets. As straight run selections, roughly half will be cockerels. But the name for the chicken coop … Continue reading

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Molly, Elizabeth and Doug at a resort on Lake Coeur d’Alene   When Doug and I traveled to Spokane, Wash., to meet Dr. Elizabeth Welty, a few new family chapters opened. Dr. Welty, my mother’s first cousin and my first … Continue reading

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Amtrak rules

The Empire Builder and James Hill in Havre, Mont. Blizzard in the Rockies Havre is pronounced to rhyme with “favor.” Last month, Doug and I climbed aboard the Amtrak Empire Builder (Chicago to Seattle and Portland) for a trip to … Continue reading

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Bringing Spirit home

Artic Ice Wolfwalker’s Spirit Bear Last week, Doug and I borrowed a friend’s RV to drive to central Alberta, Canada, to adopt a malamute bitch. The Arctic Ice kennels show that breed along with Canadian Eskimo dogs and Siberian huskies. … Continue reading

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Holiday adventures

Meme, Billie Rose and Papi and Joel, Henry, Grandma Molly and Adelaide During December, Doug and I took a long sojourn visiting family members. First we stopped in Richfield with Dave and Phoebe, then drove to Iowa City for an … Continue reading

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Christmas music

In 1974, Doug and I had moved from our farm in central New Brunswick, Canada, to a three-room basement apartment in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia for his new job at a plant that designed and manufactured, among other things, sono-buoys. They … Continue reading

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Last week, Doug and I went to The Muppet Movie at the Bemidji Theatre. I enjoyed it and the kids in our neighborhood laughed a lot, too. It wasn’t a good movie for Doug because there are sight jokes about … Continue reading

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